Alphanumeric features where there are several correct values for one product

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Roman Shramko 2 years ago created
hello all,  one question about the alphanumeric features where there are several correct values for one product.  for example:  feature EF000041 Application for a product like EC000529 Adhesive , there can be several values which would be correct for a product.   like the Glue can be simultaniously ok to be used for wood, plastic, glass etc.  how do you maintain these values in your system?  how do you send them out?   do you put the values all into one field, or do you have the feature as many time as there are values for it?  or some other way? 
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
ETIM does not have multi-value features, so you can only choose one value from a value list for alphanumeric features. Multi-value list would also create problems with data exchange and implementation in catalogs, webshops etc. The solution we use in ETIM to solve this are logical features, so you can choose exactly the combinations relevant for your product, also enabling the user to perfectly find those products that answer to his requirements. See screenshot attached as illustration how it is used (example from EC000945 - Drill)
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