Ball valve+pneumatic motor-EC011343 Ball valve VS EC010171 Pneumatic controled two-way control valve

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Roberto Ortega 2 years ago created

I have some doubts classifying a two-way ball valve that is operated with a pneumatic motor (and the pneumatic motor is included with the product, I attach a sample image). On the one hand, the first option is to choose EC011343 - Ball valve, and in feature EF002147 "Operation", choose EV003672 "Pneumatic". One of the reference products in EC011343 includes a ball valve with what seems to be a motor on top. Filtering in 2ba, there's no example products for this particular combination (Ball valve with pneumatic operation), but there's examples of Ball valve with electric motor, and some of these products include the valve+motor, and in other cases it's only the valve. Does Operation "Pneumatic" or "Electric" mean that the valve includes a pneumatic/electric motor (such as the reference product image in EC011343), or just that the valve is designed to work with a pneumatic/electric motor, which is not necessarily included with the product?

On the other hand, there's class EC010171 - Pneumatic controlled two-way control valve. In the reference images of this class, we can also see a ball valve with a motor on top. However, in this case we can't specify that what kind of valve it is (ball valve). What is meant by "control valve" in this context, and how does it compare with a regular ball valve?

Following the same logic, we also see EC011343 - Ball valve VS EC011408 - Electrically controlled two-way control valve. In the case of EC011408, one of the synonyms is "Motorized two-way ball valve", so in this case I'm not sure to choose between EC011343 - Ball valve + EF002147 "Operation" EV020343 "Electric motor", or EC011408 - Electrically controlled two-way control valve. Again, I guess it depends on the fact if we consider the valve to be a "regular ball valve" or a "control valve"?

I have found this situation with electric/pneumatic operated two-way/three way ball valves as well as electric/pneumatic two-way/three-way butterfly valves. In the case of class EC010030 "Pneumatic controlled three-way control valve", the reference image is very similar to the second sample product image I have uploaded to this post. Both include a pneumatic motor on top. However, it could also be classified as EC011540 - "Three-way ball valve" and in feature EF002147 "Operation", choose EV003672 "Pneumatic", so I have some doubts here. 

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Marc Habets 2 years ago created
Regarding EC011343, first of all the feature "Operation" indicates what operation element is included. Some valves can be equipped with different types of operation elements, that have to be bought separately, then the value to choose is"None". So "Pneumatic" means the motor is included.

Then there is the difference between a ball valve and a 2-way control valve, which is not always so black and white, because there are also ball valves that are control valves! I am not an expert, but to my knowledge a ball valve in EC011343 only serves as open or close, where "A control valve is a valve used to control fluid flow by varying the size of the flow passage as directed by a signal from a controller" (Wiki). So this is the key difference to distinguish between 'normal' and control valves. 

I attached 2 examples for both classes to this topic and also changed the reference product in CMT for EC010171 - Pneumatic controlled two-way control valve.  
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