BMEcat 4.0 - Discount groups optional or mandatory

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Rob Pouwels 4 years ago created
We have received a file of a manufacturer without any discount groups provided, the guidlines mention this field is optional, but the description is not really clear about is. Does it mean if you provide the mail tag, one of the options must be supplied for a product? Or is it really optional to supply a discount group.

Guidelines: Discount group key of the manufacturer. At least one group of the manufacturer or the supplier has to be specified; also both discount groups can be given. (A list of all included discount groups with factors and possibly descriptions has to be agreed separately.)
If there is no fixed discount group (e.g. all products have the same discount):
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Marc Habets 4 years ago created
See attached a screenshot from the Excel file "ETIM BMEcat Guideline V4-0 Overview elements", that is considered as part of the guidelines. This allows countries to declare a general optional field as mandatory in a country. The subtree UDX.EDXF.DISCOUNT_GROUP, that is optional in basis, is declared as mandatory in several countries. But even then the elements UDX.EDXF.DISCOUNT_GROUP_MANUFACTURER and UDX.EDXF.DISCOUNT_GROUP_SUPPLIER are optional, because you are expected to provide at least one of both, so you can't make both mandatory. So basically you are right, if the tag is provided, you have to use one of both options. And for certain countries you must provide the tag mandatory.
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