BMEcat - guidelines V3-1 : Need clarification on UDX.EDXF.PACKING_UNITS

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Sarguru Mahalingam 2 years ago created

In BMEcat - guidelines V3-1, We need to know the possible unit of measurements used for Packing units ? Because we see following below details,
Gross weight UDX.EDXF.WEIGHT (Guideline explanation : Gross weight of the packing unit in kilogram (kg)) 
Length UDX.EDXF.LENGTH (Guideline explanation : Length of the packing unit in meters (m))
Width UDX.EDXF.WIDTH (Guideline explanation : Width of the packing unit in meters (m))
Depth UDX.EDXF.DEPTH (Guideline explanation : Depth of the packing unit in meters (m))
Diameter UDX.EDXF.DIAMETER (Guideline explanation : Diameter of the packing unit in meters (m)).

Based on above guidelines explanation, we see for Gross weight its Kg and for length/width/depth/diameter its mentioned as meters (m). But in our ABB organisation we follow various units as it's exported to different regions (Global/local). For sample,
Gross weight - We use various units gram (g), kilogram (kg), pound (L) etc depends on region and business requirements. No specific unit is maintained.
Length/width/depth/diameter - We use various units millimetre (mm), inch (in), centimetre (cm), metre (m) etc depends on region and business requirements. No specific unit is maintained.

Sample product pdf is attached. Refer topic dimensions and container information for example values.

1. Please clarify whether all units we use can be supported by BMECat export or only specific unit we need to maintain before we take export ? 
2. We see one more unit table in gudielines (Ref page 77, screenshot is attached). Units which mentioned in table is that related to UDX.EDXF.PACKING_UNITS ?

We need to share this information to ABB global, so your clarification to this topic would be really helpful ?.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Colleague @pampagenkopf
Pam Pagenkopf 2 years ago created
To add to this, I think one of our concerns is a large percentage of our products is typically measured in millimeters. We can convert to meters, but that doesn't seem to be the best representation.
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
Hi Sarguru and Pam,

The tables with allowed order-, quantity- and packing units are NOT related to the unit of measurement for the weight- and dimension field you are looking at. The answer to your question is simple and straightforward: The guidelines dictate that you exchange the value for UDX.EDXF.WEIGHT in kilograms and UDX.EDXF.LENGTH in meters. Only this way the data exchange for these fields is clear and unambiguous. However, the exchanged value must not necessarily prevent the proper representation in the system of the user. The user knows that he will receive the size in meters and can choose to convert it to millimeters or even inches for his representation if he wishes. But it is important that he knows 100% sure what he receives to prevent any errors. 

@maryshaw​ for information
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