Cannot verify's certificate

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Ronald Muller 5 years ago created
The SSL certificate is not configured well. This is a problem for downloading the ETIM files from with tools like curl and wget (both checked and fail). Also downloading from decent software will fail (checked with Java 8).

Details about the root cause can be found here: (Dutch)

Or the best source for checking your SSL: (do not panic if you read the details :) )

Marc Habets 5 years ago created
@erwinvanderwaal​ could you answer this please? Is not really a topic regarding ETIM classification ...
Ronald Muller 5 years ago created
@marchabets I know. But downloading is the first step :)

What is the best place to post these issues? I could not find a forum for it.
Marc Habets 5 years ago created
In this case I would just use old fashioned e-mail ?, but no problem to leave it here.
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