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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

Reading the changes that have been done in ETIM 7, one is the restructuring of the classes related with Intercom and door communication systems. I've seen that there was a class called "Door Intercom" in ETIM 6 (EC000353) that has been succeded by "Intercom" (EC003603) in ETIM 7. I'm analyzing the changes and I'm struggling a bit to see what has been changed and why, some help here would be really appreciated :)


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Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Hi Roberto,
The rework on the Intercom classes has been done by a Belgian expert group including manufacturers like Niko, Legrand/bTicino, Siedle, CCI/Aiphone and Urmet. They see a clear difference between intercoms and door communication. Because in the classification as it was before there were many products that where classified wrongly as intercom in EC000353, they chose to move the 'real' intercom classes to a new class to avoid any chance to confusion. (which proven by your questions did not succeed?).

So everything that has to do with door communication does NOT belong to intercom, but in the classes "..... for door communication" I am no expert, but looking at the features an intercom is more a 'call system', always only speech and so not for door communication. If you want I can bring you into contact with the working group if you have more questions.
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