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Ivanka Dimitrova 1 year ago created
Hello everyone, Could anyeone give a tip how to classify a product, containing 3 luminaires ( two wall and one celing ), which are installed & controlled as a set, but are made of different materials, are with different diffusers, different dimensions, beam angles etc etc... Thanks, Ivanka
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Hi Ivanka, as there is no class defined (yet) for a set of luminaires there is no way to classify that. Of course we do sometimes define classes for sets, the specification can only be minimal. Different materials etc. would cause an 'explosion' of features if you need to define that within one class. In the Netherlands they are working on a solution for 'combined classes' but that is still in a very early stage. If you also sell the included luminaires seperately, I can only imagine that you reference (in the exchange format) from the set product to the single products included, that then are classified separately. See attached screenshot of fields in BMEcat. 
Ivanka Dimitrova 1 year ago created
Hi Marc,  Understood, thank you! Ivanka
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