Common classification mistakes: part 1 We are Just before the deadline for sending anymore RFCs for ETIM 9 kicks in,. For the next couple of days, each day, until I run out of examples, I would like to point out one common mistake made by contributors when sending in RFCs. Not to blaim or to shame anyone, but for learning purposes and to keep everybody sharp in their final efforts to race the deadline. First of all, a very lame one, which all of the contributers know, but which we keep referring to in our RFC reviews: Not paying attention to the guidelines. In particular to section 6.4. We need complete applications with example products if you would like to get your RFCs approved. This is the backbone of the quality of our ETIM model and these guidelines comprise of 30+ years of experience with classification. Don't think you or your contributors will get a break this time. You can download the guidelines on our website, under the downloads section. TIP: Instead of trying to memorize 40 pages: use the search tool crtl F to find the guideline that you need. Good luck with finishing your RFCs, we will be reviewing them, with the guidelines close by.