EC000065: Insulation material - Polyethylene

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Nicolas Batas-Bjelic 4 years ago created
We think EV000157 PE (polyethylene) should be part of the available values for EF000061 Core insulation material and not EF011805 Specification core insulation.
What is meant with "Specification core insulation" (EF011805)? PE is no specification. It is a material.
We would suggest adding EV000157 PE (polyethylene) to EF000061. What do you reckon?
Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Polyethylene is a Polyolefin, that's why the 2 can't be in the same list. So if the insulation is polyethylene you first have to choose Polyolefin with EF000061 and next Polyethylene (PE) with EF011805. See for more info Seems like a bit too complicated, but on the other hand ETIM needs to be unambiguous, so if the insulation can be made of other polyolefins then it is necessary. 
Nicolas Batas-Bjelic 4 years ago created
Hi Marc,
My colleague Marcello would then add Polypropylene (PP) to EF011805, as it is another type of Polyolefin.
Do we have to make an RFC?
All the best,
Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Roger that! Yes please, try to make the RFC, if you have any questions on that ask me!
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