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Lars Mauseth 2 years ago created
This class is named Heating cable mat / foil.  Why isn't there a class for heating foil for use in floor heating? This way of floor heating have been used for many years all over Europe.
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
I assume in your post you translated the Norwegian translation back to English? The (ETIM) English name for this class is EC000405 - Heating mat. It does however include heating foil (for floor use) that is specified by the value EV004825: Thin-bed heating in the value list for the feature EF000041: Application. 
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Lars Mauseth Hello Marc. Thanks for reply. Yes, i have translated this back to English from Norwegian. You are saying in your reply to my question that EC000405 includes heating foil beacause of EV004825. this is not good enough, because heating mat and heating foil is two totally different products. Heating mat is made with cables and foil is made of polyester and carbon. Use of these two products are also different. methods of mounting are also very different. examples: EF002199, decribes how cables are fastened to the mat, EF002200, length of cold cables does not comform with heating foil because heating foil is delivered without cold cables. Cold cables are connected when foil is mounted in the constuction/building. same is EF002201, lenght of cold cables. and so on. So as far as i can see only EF00041/EV004825, EF003625, EF002197, EF002199, EF000008, EF000125 are able to be used for heating foil. Therefore i say to You in ETIM Int, please give heating foil for floor heating their own ETIM class. Looking forward to a better reply on my views
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Marc Habets 2 years ago created
I understand the differences, but that does not necessarily prevent them from being classified in the same class. Clearly not all features in each ETIM class are relevant for all products in that class. We need to find the optimal balance between a clear and unambiguous classification without exploding the model with too many different classes for specific but related products. That does not mean that isolating heating foil from this class to a separate class is impossible, but that needs to be discussed by the expert members in our country organizations. To suggest change requests in the ETIM model you need to be a member of your local ETIM organization, please contact ETIM Norway for more information.
Karl Pappas 2 years ago created
I would support Marc here with his opinion; most of the existing features fit for heating foils
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