EC003507 & EF000227 Rated Current

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Pam Pagenkopf 2 years ago created
We have a small set of items where rated current is stated like 125RC110.  Should we leave EF00227 blank in these cases or populated with NA?  NA doesn't feel right as there is technically a rated current, but it isn't stated in number only format as required by the attribute.

Example where rated current stated in special format

Example where rated current stated in number format

Marc Habets 2 years ago created
To properly assess the issue some more info is needed on what 125RC110 means. In your documentation I find: “For fuses with rated current marked with RC (i.e. 125RC110A), maximum application continuous current should not exceed RC value indicated in subscript.” 

One of your resellers listed it on his website as Rated Current (In): 125 A

So I guess there are 3 options:
1. List value as 125A
2. List value as 110A, which seems to be the ‘safe’ choice
3. List it as “UN” in BMEcat (unknown), because the value exists, you just do not know what the proper value is here.

Hope this helps the product experts to make the best choice.

By the way, looking at your datasheet for this product, I suspect that in this class EC003507 - Medium-/high voltage fuse, the feature Rated voltage should be a range rather then a Numeric feature? Rated Voltage (Ur):10 … 17.5 kV. If so, then ask ETIM NA to out in a request @maryshaw@sargurumahalingam
Pam Pagenkopf 2 years ago created

Thanks Marc, the product manager said 125A and 110 were not acceptable, it had to be 125RC110.  We them to confirm that before we asked this question.

@sargurumahalingam​ please use UN in rule instead of NA.
Sarguru Mahalingam 2 years ago created
Thanks Marc.

@pampagenkopf​ Ok, will use the same.
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