EC010137 "Rectangular air duct": EF024583 "With push-on profile" and EF024584 "With push-on clamp"

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

I'm trying to find examples of EF024583 "With push-on profile" and EF024584 "With push-on clamp" regarding EC010137 "Rectangular air duct". I've seen translations in different languages but I'm not sure what they mean.



P.D.: Thanks for your help before regarding self-supporting air ducts! ?
Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Hi Roberto, I had to dig very deep for the answer to this one! ? It is not related to 'your' hard foam ducts. See the picture attached. One way to connect rectangular air ducts is putting a flange at the end (see EC010167 - Loose flange rectangular air duct). A push-on profile (or clamp) is a profile which you can 'slide' over 2 connected duct flanges. Not for primary fastening, that is done on the four corners with bolts, but you put this profile or clamp on the sides, to secure a tight fit of the flanges to prevent air leakage, especially with lager dimension ducts. I added a remark to both features that hopefully can help. 
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