EC010165 Shower Toilet EF000633 Tank volume

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Nico Schmid 4 years ago created
Hi Marc,
A question with regard to shower toilets: does EF000633 refer to cold or warm water tanks, if there's both?
Thanks very much for your help!
Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Dear Nico, for EC010165 - Shower toilet the feature EF000633: Tank volume refers to the warm water tank. That is assuming that with cold water tank you mean the flushing reservoir. At the time this class was developed there were no models in the market yet with integrated flushing reservoir. I assume you are referring to the Geberit AquaClean 8000plus, I opened an RFC to add the missing feature. See Please check if this is ok and if you are missing any other important features. 
Nico Schmid 4 years ago created
Thanks very much for your helpful explanation. Your assumption is correct, I am happy with the RFC you raised. Thank you!
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