EC010444 - "Metal hose, hooked" VS. EC010443 - "Metal hose, wavy"

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Roberto Ortega 2 years ago created

Regarding classes EC010444 - "Metal hose, hooked" and EC010443 - "Metal hose, wavy", I can see that there is a difference between the reference products, but I'm not sure what the translations mean with "hooked" and "wavy". The "hooked" one seems like a corrugated metal hose, while the "wavy" one has an internal and an external hose, the one outside is braided and the one inside is spiral/corrugated. What does "hooked" and "wavy" mean in this context?

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Marc Habets 2 years ago created
First of all the difference here is very small and easily confused, so maybe merging of both classes would be better. I changed EC010443 to "Corrugated metal hose" and EC010444 to "Wound metal hose". Both can be braided by the way. See picture attached, hope this helps understand, but you have to watch closely to see the differenc. The two on the left are 'wound' (spiraling vertically), the one on the right is corrugated (no spiral).
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