EC012213 Office chair / EC003858 Working stool mixup?

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Anniken Sandoy 1 year ago created
Both of these appear when I search for "office chair" in class.

1. I noticed that "EC012213 Office chair" is placed in "EG014000 - Maritime products", while "EC003858 Working stool" is placed in "EG020000 - Business equipment". Should it be the opposite? 

2. What is the "EF001438 Length" of a chair? Isn't a chair usually measured by width, depth and height? 

3. Shouldn't "EF023783 With backrest" also be a feature of "EC012213 Office chair"? Or would an office chair without a backrest automatically be a stool? 

4. Regarding "EF014316 Wheeled": Some office chairs come with gliding castors instead of wheels, so shouldn't this be on "EC012213 Office chair" too?
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
1. We are preparing a 'maintenance update' on the (EG) groups. This includes checking if all classes are assigned to the proper group. EC012213 is already identified as being in the wrong group. This should be fixed in the next couple of months.
2. Dimensions are always difficult in ETIM. That is why in the new ETIM Modelling classes we add a dimensional drawing for a uniform understanding which dimensions are asked for. In this case I would say that length is the dimension of the complete chair in the direction of the depth of the seat. Hope that makes sense?
3. Correct, an office chair should always have a backrest, otherwise it is a stool. Reversed, a stool with a backrest is not an office chair. These backrests are often minimal and the product is not intended to sit behind a desk.
4. I think the assumption was made that all office chairs would have wheels, which is probably correct for desk chairs, but not for meeting (table) chairs. So this could be added. 

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