EF000010 - meaning of static / dynamic

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Reto Bonderer 2 years ago created
Could somebody tell me the meaning of this feature? Maybe with an example? Thanks
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
The feature is EF000010: Model? I assume you mean the use of this feature in a class like EC002710 - LED driver? 

In an earlier topic, the answer was:For EV010336: Dynamic, Philips provided as remark: Not fixed, can be switched and regulated.. Whereas for EV010455: Static: Fixed, can be switched ON or OFF

For the rest there is a lot of info available online, like: Dynamic lighting signifies pulse or duty lighting, meaning that the device is lit using pulses and not continuously powered. The advantages include lower current consumption and longer life, while a disadvantage is more complicated circuit design. Static or DC lighting refers to lighting a device using a continuous supply of power, which shortens the life and consumes more power but is simpler to design.
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