EF000010 "Model" in EC010879 "Insulation blanket/-plate" - blanket vs. plate

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

In class EC010879 "Insulation blanket/-plate", regarding feature EF000010 "Model", I thought that the difference between EV020006 "Plate" and EV012632 "Blanket/mat" was that the plate was rigid, while the blanket/mat could be rolled up. However, I was looking at examples in 2ba and the majority of EC010879 are classified as EV020006, but many of these are shown rolled up. Is this correct?

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Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Your understanding is correct. And I always have trouble to understand why many manufacturers do such a bad job at classifying their products! Somehow they don't seem to understand that if they classify it wrongly, the customers won't find it! Unfortunately this is not exceptional, so don't always take what you see in 2BA for truth. I can imagine that sometimes it is difficult to find the right class or right value for a feature, but in this case it was absolutely unnecessary. Not only did they pick the wrong model, but I can see products that clearly should be in EC010258 - Thermal pipe insulation and EC010668 - Thermal insulation tape
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