EF000428 - "Transition time for full load" is this how long the UPS (EC000382) lasts on battery?

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

I'm trying to understand what this feature means. Is it the time the UPS lasts with battery?

Here's an example of a product classified with ETIM that has this feature (in German): https://www.regroshop.at/aur/Kategorien/Geb%C3%A4udetechnik/USV/USV-Anlage/Eaton-USV-Anlage-PW5130I1750-XL2U-1750-VA-Rack-Tower/p/1401289?previousCategoryName=

What does "full load" refer to? That the UPS is working at 100% of its capacity?

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Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Starts again with an imperfect English translation. After some consideration I changed the English translation to EF000428: Bridging time full load. The meaning should then be how long the UPS can operate supplying its maximum output power. 
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