EF010223 "Suitable for floor" vs. EF007243 "Suitable for ground mounting" - insulating blanket/plate

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Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created

What is the difference between EF010223 "Suitable for floor" and EF007243 "Suitable for ground mounting"? Is EF010223 for the floor (independently of the height of the floor regarding the ground), while EF007243 is specifically suitable for the ground floor?

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Marc Habets 5 years ago created
See the original Swedish request at https://prod.etim-international.com/Rfc/Details?classId=EC010879&classVersion=6&rfcId=14549. It has to do with outdoor installation, so really directly on soil I guess. @christernordemo​ can perhaps add to that. 
Christer Nordemo 5 years ago created
Marc is right, the purpose with "EF007243 "Suitable for ground mounting" is that you can use the insulation on/in the ground (outdoors, in the soil for example). It might be a translation problem in English, where "ground" can refer to several things.
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