Energy efficiency class labelling (A+++ etc.) not applicable for pumps

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Kirsten Schelde Larsen 5 years ago created
In ETIM 7 we have seen a non-conforming Feature being introduced in pump class EC011333. The Feature EF000758 Energy Efficiency Class, with allowed values A+++ through G, is not relevant for pumps – pumps have not been in scope for the energy class labelling directive for years. We will disregard this Feature as well as we do for the same Feature being available in class EC010980. – A working group could consider replacing the allowed values with IE1, IE2…IE5 as implemented for class EC001851 Electric motor.
Marc Habets 5 years ago created
I have no doubt that you are absolutely right about this Kirsten, so I was tempted to just propose a Request for Change to change that. But since many are still supplying the 'old' classes I guess it is better to start a discussion first on class level to get some support on that. Maybe an idea to introduce it as a new feature "Energy efficiency class according to ErP 2015 directive". Energy Efficiency Class has been added to EC011333 by an Ecodesign working group quite recently, we will also ask some feedback to them why they did not use the new classes. You will see the discussion appear in your weekly CMT update and if we allow for some 2 months of discussion then we can decide and change accordingly. I will keep you posted!
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