ETIM 4.0 - how many classes/features/values?

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Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created


I'm calculating certain differences between ETIM releases and it would be great to know how many classes/features/values were present in ETIM 4.0, so I can compare it with ETIM 7.0.

Thanks very much,


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Ronald Muller 5 years ago created

Hi Roberto,

Classes: 3584 Features: 10394 Values: 9246  Units: 120 

These statistics are based on the ETIM version used in the Netherlands, so including classes only used in the Netherlands (at that time). However many are now in some way part of ETIM 7, so IMHO this is a fair baseline

Marc Habets 5 years ago created

Correct, the Netherlands always publish all classes from all sectors, but the number of classes Ronald mentions exclude the classes that were double due to the overlapping classes between Electrical and HVAC sector as I explained before in the topic "Value "New" in field "ChangeCode" (ETIM 7.0 XML)". These double classes (in the electrical part) were not published in NL. 

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