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Erik Sanberg 5 years ago created

We are working on setting up ETIM7 in our PIM system, and as we have users in all regions, we would like to make the data available in all possible languages.

Now I am wondering why there is no download available on the CMT site, for all sectors in all languages (I mean the languages of the member countries). I assume such download would help a lot of people/companies?

Marc Habets 5 years ago created
Dear Erik,

Quote copied from FAQ: ETIM is an open standard and so can be used by everyone free of charge. But this relates to the model structure with codes and relations and at least the basic ETIM English version with translations. Translating ETIM in the local language is the responsibility of the local ETIM organization, that also formally owns the language version. ETIM International promotes the free availability of language versions, the ultimate goal is after all the wide use of ETIM to facilitate uniform product data exchange, and that is best served by free language versions. But local organizations also have to be able to raise sufficient budgets to finance their activities, which can necessitate them to offer their version as added value for local members only. Some versions are free for all ETIM members in all countries on request. ETIM International can only distribute those versions that are totally open to everyone, which at this moment are (ETIM) English, Dutch, German, Italian and Norwegian. For all other languages please contact the concerning local ETIM organization.
Marc Habets 5 years ago created
For the current status on availability of local translations see attached schema. Ask your local ETIM organization, they can provide you with all languages available for members. For the others there is no other option then to contact the respective local ETIM branches for each separate version.
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