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Mary Shaw 3 years ago created
My group is confused by these, are they not the same: 
EC000885 - Eye bolt (metric)
EC002367 - Eye bolt
Shouldn't these two be combined into one?

Marc Habets 3 years ago created
I assume the English names are not fully correct at the least. My personal feeling of which products should be in what class, see examples attached. Where the difference is if the ring (the eye) is fully closed or not? But maybe I am completely off, please advice from experts here. The German translations seem to be more distinctive, @karlpappas​ what do you think?
Mary Shaw 3 years ago created
Ah yes, good point, but also, I was thinking about the metric, one is and one isn't? Like metric or imperial sized wrenches? Is that the situation?
Marc Habets 3 years ago created
EC000885 should always be metric, EC002367 has a feature EF001758: Thread type, so can have different types of thread. 
Mary Shaw 3 years ago created

Not sure if this link works.
Marc Habets 3 years ago created
Link works and that product only fits to EC002367 - Eye bolt, where you can define the UNC thread. There is a lot to say for merging I guess, let's wait what @karlpappas​ thinks
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