Feature Frequency (EF000034) is numeric in class EC002694 - what if we have a range?

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created
Hello again,

For a product that fits in the class EC002694, the Frequency (EF000034) is numeric, so only one value can be given. However, we are finding several products that fit in this class where the Frequency is a range (EF000416 is the code of "Frequency" in type Range). What can we do in these situations, where we have a range for a certain feature, but in a particular class the feature is numeric, while in the ETIM classification another feature exists with the same name, which is range type?

Thanks very much,

Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Then there is only one option, a change request to change the feature used in EC002694 to the range variant EF000416: Frequency. That seems plausible, since in EC000042 - Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) it was also changed to a range feature some time ago. Normally you need to request changes through the local ETIM office, for this occasion I did it myself, see https://prod.etim-international.com/Rfc/Details?classId=EC002694&classVersion=8&rfcId=24735
Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created
Dear Marc,

Thanks for taking the time to start a Request for Change! In the meantime, I imagine the best option is to leave the feature "not informed" (with "-" in BMEcat), because if we were to put either the minimum value or the maximum value, the value would not be completely correct.

I understand we would have to leave it "not informed" until the next ETIM release, if the RFC gets accepted, right?



Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Correct, see also at the bottom of page 48 of the ETIM BMEcat Guideline 4.0, you can additionally use the field FVALUE_DETAILS to specify the reason for not having a value. However, that does not add much, since the 3 choices NA (not applicable), MV (missing value) and UN (Unknown) do not really fit to his situation. 

And yes, the change will only be official in the next formal ETIM release. Only in countries where ETIM dynamic release is accepted you might be able to use it as soon as the RFC is approved, but then it still depends on the receiver of the data, if he is able to support dynamic ETIM release. 
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