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Tina Stürzinger 1 year ago created
Hi all,  We are currently working on the classes of the double wall/built-in elements. With class EC011368 'Double wall/built-in element bidet' we have problems understanding the definitions of two features and what is meant by them. Examples and explanations are very much appreciated. EF015330:  Suitable for bidet with a reduced contact area EF023062: With protective / marking stops Many thanks Tina 
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
EF015330: Suitable for bidet with a reduced contact area See definition in CMT for the feature at https://prod.etim-international.com/Feature/Details/EF015330?local=False : Reduced contact area means that with a low ceramic height, a rail built into the element absorbs the pressure to the rear
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
EF023062: With protective/marking stops Probably the English translation is not optimal here. I have no clear understanding of what it means, seems to be some kind of protective caps?  But I see that you mention it for example for your product 461.530.00.1 (GTIN = 04025416500902). See marked area in attached screenshot, which I can only find in Dutch. If you can retrace that internally to a better English translation, I would be glad if you can share it with me.
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Tina Stürzinger Thank you Marc for your feedback. I will ask the technical editors for an alternative definition and get back to you.
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Tina Stürzinger 1 year ago created
Hi Marc, Regarding the Feature EF023062: Name: With protective/marking plugs (attached an example) It is certainly good here too if the CMT is supplemented with a definition. Here is a suggestion from the technical editor: Def. Eng: Temporary pipeline seal which aims to prevent the water supply connection to installation elements from becoming dirty during the construction phase and is also equipped with a pin in the headpiece so that the plug can be used for marking fastening points on plasterboard. I hope this helps.  Kind regards 
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Thanks a lot Tina! I added the definition, that is of great help especially for 'complicated' features like this.
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