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Sarguru Mahalingam 2 years ago created

Could you please help us to find out the correct ETIM Class for cabinets/enclosures ? 

Sample Products :
1. Front Panel enclosure for Meter center or Sockets, 
Product Description - DEAD FRONT PANEL - 14X34" ENCL
2. Front Panel enclosure for Transformer,
Product Description - ENCL PANEL FNT REAR DY75A DY75C DX75C 

Already we could see some existing ETIM Classes like EC000744 - Top-/floor cover element (enclosure/switchgear cabinet), EC002617 - Cover / infill panel / identification strip (switchgear cabinet). But, in these classes it is mentioned as Switchgear cabinet in specific.. so we wonder whether this can be used for all general cabinets and enclosures panels cover (or) Only for switchgear components ??? Thanks in advance...

Marc Habets 2 years ago created
EC000261 - Enclosure/switchgear cabinet (empty)? Or else maybe give a more specified example (link and/or image) of the product your are trying to classify ...
Sarguru Mahalingam 2 years ago created
Hi Marc,

Please see the attachment (products marked in "Red") for more details, 

Link :

In pdf, you can refer Section 10 ; page 10-44.. need to know the correct ETIM Classes for enclosure parts like 1. Front/Back Panel, 2. Side Panel, 3. Cover(Top) panel ?!
Sarguru Mahalingam 2 years ago created
Hi Marc,

Did you get any chance to look into my references shared ? Could you please suggests better classification for above enclosure parts ? Thanks in advance.


Marc Habets 2 years ago created
I had a closer look at it and don't think there is an existing class that fits well, especially since the panels are sold as separate parts. So a new class must be developed (which has to be requested by ABB at one of the local ETIM organizations where ABB is a member). Or, if the specifications needed are minimal, you might consider added value like "Side panel" etc to EC003532 - Accessories/spare parts for distribution transformer. 
Sarguru Mahalingam 2 years ago created
@marchabets​ : Thanks for your info. I'll discuss with my internal team (@pampagenkopf​).
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