Henrik Liliendahl - CEO and Founder at Product Data Lake

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Henrik Liliendahl 6 years ago created

I am Henrik Liliendahl. I have been working as a consultant with data quality, Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) for many years. I have seen a need on the market to have a service that takes care of the flow of product information in supply chains based on international standards as ETIM. Therefore I have founded Product Data Lake http://www.productdatalake.com In here you as a provider of product information (eg manufacturer) can push your product portfolio and the features you supply - of course tagged as ETIM features. As a receiver of product information you can pull this information from your upstream trading partners.

Arun Banakar 6 years ago created

Hi Henry Looks interesting...

Henrik Liliendahl 5 years ago created
Thanks Arun. By the way, our slogan is: Sell more. Reduce costs. I think ETIM will help with that :-)

Claus Dittrich 4 years ago created
Hi Henrik
Just a question to clarify. Is the PDL just a "transport" system or does it have the possibility to map CSV data to ETIM data ?
And one more: You write on the website that the PDL "company" website (the lake)  can be programmed in a CMS (Locomotive) - does that mean that the customer has to do the programming from scratch or is he given some templates he can expand to his demands? And if yes, do you have an example of such a website - cant find any on the PDL website.
Henrik Liliendahl 4 years ago created
Hi Claus

Besides being a transport system Product Data Lake does also have the possibility to stage the data and make mappings to ETIM, other standards and home grown classifications.

You do not have to involve a CMS on your side. Data can be provided as csv, xml via API or eventually typed in and can be requested by csv, xml and API. The provider and the requester does not have to use the same exchange method (or data standard).

Feel free to drop a mail to henrik@productdatalake.com for further information.

All the best

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