How to deal with REFERENCE_DESCR in multi-language catalogues?

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Nico Schmid 7 months ago created
Hi all, Would be great if you can guide us on how to implement PRODUCT_REFERENCE type="accessory" in multi-language catalogues. In my belief, we should be able to include REFERENCE_DESCR not just for the main language, but also for the additional language(s). That's not possible because a) REFERENCE_DESCR is single value and b) we lack of an attribute REFERENCE_DESCR lang=... to indicate used languages. Any recommendations on how to deal with this? Thanks very much in advance! BR Nico
Marc Habets 7 months ago created
Hi Nico, that is sort of a workaround in XML: where the element is defined as single, technically in the XSD schema it is multiple to allow for the different languages. So you can provide one description for each language that you defined in the header of the file. See in the screenshot attached: 1. XSD defines 'unbounded' 2. languages defined in the testfile 3. REFERENCE_DESCR in different languages.  I attached the test file as well, as you can try in the validation tool, this validates without any problem.
Marc Habets 7 months ago created
sorry, I can't attach files here. Will send that to you by e-mail!
Nico Schmid 7 months ago created
Perfect! Thank you very much, Marc!
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