How to treat or indicate irrelevant Features

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Kirsten Schelde Larsen 5 years ago created
When we – as a manufacturer – are preparing ETIM data, how should we treat Features that are not relevant for our product? I am talking about Features where it is irrelevant to supply any value - not even an ‘EV000154 Other’ value is applicable. Do we ignore the Feature or is there any other practical way of indicating that the Feature does not apply?

For example, EC011333, if your products are not powered by solar power, then EF010779 and EF010780 are irrelevant.

Thanks for any inputs;  Kirsten
Marc Habets 5 years ago created
Hi Kirsten,

It is common now in ETIM that rarely all the features will be relevant for all products, so basically you should just ignore the features that are not relevant. But you can encounter 2 problems with that: 1) Some exchange formats like BMEcat might make ALL features mandatory and 2) Wholesalers might keep asking you repeatedly why certain features are not filled in. 

For the first issue BMEcat has a solution (that personally I don't like) that you can fill in "-" if you can't answer to a certain feature. For the 2nd issue we have more recently introduced a code to indicate the reason why you did not fill in a certain feature. This is implemented both in ETIM BMEcat as well as in the Dutch GS1 XML format INSBOU004. See screenshots of both below. 

Hope this makes it clear to you, if not please let me know!

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