uses version 4.0.2 of the XSD

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Ronald Muller 10 months ago created
All BMECat 2005, ETIM 4.x documents use "" as namespace.
Normally the BMECat root element looks like

<BMECAT xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="2005">

So the "default" schema location is This URL returns the 4.0.2 version of the XSD, not the latest version 4.0.3. I assume this is a bug?
Marc Habets 10 months ago created
Thanks for noticing Ronald! I need some help from our website wizards here. These schema locations are done by a redirect that I can program on our website. But the URL is NOT in the redirects and reprogramming it does not work. So I assume this is somehow defined 'hard' somewhere else before we started using the current  redirection module. 

As sound as they found and fixed the problem, I will correct the redirection and let you know!
Marc Habets 10 months ago created
Problem already fixed, URL now returns correct version! Again, thanks for notifying us!?
Ronald Muller 10 months ago created
Great, confirmed.
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