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Bert Catsburg 1 year ago created
Hello, We are using ETIM to show a lot of products and they are grouped in the ETIM Groups and Classes. For our User Interface it would be nice to have a picture or icon for every Group and Class. Is something like that available? Is there a company who did already such an excersise (find images for every class) ?
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Hi, in ETIM CMT there is a link on class level to reference databases like the Dutch 2BA central database. You could find images there for each class. They also us a reference picture for each class, see second screenshot.  But realistically, I would assume that for your user interface you would like to check each picture before you use it. Not all products are classified properly, so that might lead to wrong example images. Also it is not always clear if are free to use or not.  Also in CMT there is a link that searches in Google images on the ETIM class name, but with the same issues as mentioned before ...
Hi Bert, Thanks for your query. We do product image processing and can create  images for all of the categories of ETIM as per your image specifications..
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