In EC000382 (UPS), does EF000432 (Network management) have a direct relation with EF005284 (SNMP)?

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

I'm wondering if EF005284 (SNMP) has a direct relationship with EF000432 (Network management) in EC000382 (UPS). If you have SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), I assume you can have Network management. However, can you have a network-management if you don't have SNMP? Because some UPS don't have SNMP but they have a USB port which can be connected to a computer, and one can monitor the UPS from a program in the computer. Is that also considered network management?

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Marc Habets 4 years ago created
First I changed English translation of EF000432 to: Suitable for network-management (was not consistent with source language DE/NL).  I would say if EF005284: SNMP is TRUE then always EF000432: Suitable for network-management is TRUE, but reversed not all UPS suitable for network-management must support the SNMP protocol.
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