Isn't EF008855 (Bus system KNX radio) too much is class EC000676

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Gabi Jongste 4 years ago created
In class EC000676 (Logic component for bus system) and in several other classes there are logical features which are possibly double.
EF001499 (Bus system KNX) 
EF008855 (Bus system KNX radio)
EF001500 (Bus system radio frequent)
When EF001499 and EF001500 are both be true, it's the same when EF008855 is true.

The question is:
Do I see this right and if not, what are the differences between the features. 
Maybe a comment in the remarks of the features will give us a clear picture. 
Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Hi Gabi, this already came to our attention, see also the RFC of your colleague Herman at Our German colleague Karl Pappas has asked their expert group for a clarification, to which an answer would already be expected now. @karlpappas​: Is there any update yet?
Gabi Jongste 4 years ago created
Thank Marc for your answer. I am looking forward to the solution
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