Light-line system with profile+electrical unit - is there a class for the combination?

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Roberto Ortega 3 years ago created

Regarding light-line systems, if a manufacturer offers in one product both the profile + the electrical unit, what class would this combination be considered?

At the moment, there's these two classes for the light-line components:

EC000986 - Electrical unit for light-line system
EC000293 - Support profile light-line system

In Dutch, "lichtlijnsysteem" is included as synonym in class "EC000282 - Tubelight systeem (koppelbaar)", could this be the class for the combination of profile+electrical unit? However, the reference image here s round and in reference text it says "Lighting system in an oblong, round shape with different functional inserts and connectors", in my case the product is not round, as the profile is rectangular.

I attach an image of the product.

Thanks very much,


Marc Habets 3 years ago created
Hi Roberto, there is no class yet that combines EC000986 and EC000293.  EC000282 is also NOT the right class for that. But is the attached example what you are trying to classify? That looks more like EC001743 - Pendant luminaire, that also has EF004274: Suitable for light line configuration.
Roberto Ortega 3 years ago created
Hello Marc,

It can be mounted as a pendant, recessed or surface luminaire. I see that EC002892 "Ceiling/Wall Luminaire" also has EF004274: Suitable for light line configuration, and there are multiple mounting features in this class, so I think I'll go with EC002892.

Thanks a lot!

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