Mapping ETIM and UNSPSC

Last comment 05/07/2023 15:37 by Nico
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Louise Grosshed 6 months ago created
Hi! Is there any mapping done anywhere on ETIM and UNSPSC? I feel like this is an ongoing problem for many and any information about this would be much appreciated. I have seen an old question about this, about 2 years ago, but i would like to ask it again ?
Marc Habets 6 months ago created
I was just about to refer you to that older topic ?, but there is no change to that situation. I am not aware of any openly available mappings. 
Nico Schmid 5 months ago created
Hi Louise, We're using both ETIM classes and UNSPSC in the HVAC sector. Mapping between ETIM and UNSPSC is not bijective. In our case, if we have the ETIM Class, we can derive the UNSPSC. But not vice versa, because ETIM is more detailed. What ETIM Classes do you need to map against UNSPSC? If it's HVAC, I can publish our mapping here.
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