Meaning of EF000074 Number of units and EF009573 Number of modules (module system)

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Holger Westphal 9 months ago created
Hello all, i'd like to ensure my understanding of the mentioned features is correct or receive a proper definition - as example, i looked at EC000125 Socket outlet EF000074 Number of units: tells the number of socket outlets provided by the product - so in combination with EF000010 model gives the information - this product has 3 outlets acc. Italian P10 or similar. So, this should be maintained for every product in EC000125 as each product would have 1 or multiple units EF009573 Number of modules (module system): give the width of the product in modular spaces of 22.2 mm - which is a system mainly populated in Italy and adjacent countries. So for typical german outlets as example, this one should always be empty (Dash in BMEcat). It can't be "0" as that would mean it's 0*22,2 mm wide > which makes "0 mm" I assume showing the actual width divided by 22,2 mm is not recommended (eg. showing a 55 mm wide outlet would as "2.477 units). Any feedback welcome - most important to have the correct understanding in the end. Thanks
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Marc Habets 9 months ago created
See existing reference products for EC000125, where the attached one explains this. So the first example product here has 2 units but is 3 modules. And if the product is not modular, then of course the feature number of modules should not be populated. 
Holger Westphal 9 months ago created
thanks for confirming my understanding - so we can tell suppliers to correct their data
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