Meaning of EF022994 - "Intermediate mounting" in EC000261 - "Enclosure/cabinet (empty)"

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Roberto Ortega 2 years ago created

In EC000261 - "Enclosure/cabinet (empty)", what does EF022994 - "Intermediate mounting" mean? Does it mean that is should me mounted between two other cabinets? I'm classifying a cabinet that has no walls, it is intended to be connected to other cabinet modules (picture attached). In this case, EF001229 - "Connectable" would be "True", but what does EF022994 - "Intermediate mounting" mean? Maybe it's also relevant.

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Marc Habets 2 years ago created
Indeed intermediate mounting means that it can/should be mounted between 2 other cabinets, so that would be TRUE in your case. 'Connectable' means that you can connect cabinets together (that can be  build as 'stand alone'). So that there is a prefabricated provision to attach it to another cabinet when they are mounted in line. In your example you can say connectable is TRUE, but that is obvious/implicit for this type, since you can;t use it stand alone.
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