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Tina Stürzinger 2 years ago created
Hi everyone, at the moment we are working on filling the ETIM features. (ETIM7)

We came across some features that are unclear for both the technical author and the product manager (and for me, of course).
Everyone is unsure what is really meant by the feature.
It would be great if someone can briefly explain the meaning and definition of the following two features (class-related) so that we can fill this feature correctly.

- EF020795 'Outlet model' for class EC010340 'electronic tap': what is meant by outlet model and which outlet ist meant here? does someone has an example?
- EF024767 'suitable for high/low frame' for class EC010165 'shower toilet': what frame is meant here?
- EF020788 'With outlet' (class EC010165 and EC010938): do you mean, whether water can come out of the tap or no?
- EF020972: 'with aerator' (EC010938): we do have aerated anti-splash jet nozzles, can I set the value of the feature to true or is another aeration meant?

Thanks for your help. Greeting from Switzerland
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Dear Tina, let me try to clear your questions:

1. EF02079 Outlet model and EF020788 With outlet: Outlet is the part of the tap where the water flows out (in German "Auslauf"). Some taps are delivered without an outlet, that has to be bought separately. See attached an example of a Geberit tap with fixed (top) outlet. Please also note that many Geberit products are already classified, like this example in the Netherlands, make sure you are not doing double work! Please contact me if you have doubts. 

Marc Habets 1 year ago created
EF024767 suitable for high/low frame refers to EC010062 - Height adjustment system toilet, if the specific toilet is suitable to be mounted on a height adjustable toilet frame.

EF020972: with aerator: I am not a technical expert, but if it is aerated (meaning that the water content in the tap will empty itself automatically when closing) then true should be correct. 
in reply to @marchabets:
Tina Stürzinger Thank you very much. The translation into German is sometimes a bit confusing. Your explanation helped us a lot. 
1 year ago


Christer Nordemo 1 year ago created
EF020972 With aerator: Refers to the function that mixes air into the water jet. Also called "Perlator" (but this is a brand). 
in reply to @christernordemo:
Tina Stürzinger Perfect, thanks for the explanation.
1 year ago


Marc Habets 1 year ago created
@christernordemo​ This turns out to become a good and valuable discussion, because I can see there is some confusion. What you mean is that the outlet is equipped with a tap aerator as classified in EC003244 - Tap aerator. 

But I am pretty sure that in EC011375 - Water tap the feature EF020972: with aerator has to do with a special safety function that prevents flow back of water in the  water network in case of under-pressure, often combined with a non-return valve. 

For EC010938 - Self-closing tap - mechanical it is more likely a 'perlator' or as we also call it a 'mousseur', intended to save water. 
Gabi Jongste 1 year ago created
Maybe this helps.

A perlator is like a beam reducer.
An aerator in the tap is made to empty the tap from water. 
It is also possible to have a safety valve integrated into the tap to block water backflow.

Maybe the added picture will help. 
Gabi Jongste 1 year ago created
Only Perlator is missing in class EC011375
Gabi Jongste 1 year ago created
Now I see what is going wrong. EF020972 has 2 different translations. 
Please have a look Norway and Sweden call it Perlator and most other calls it aerator. 

I think it is good to make a new feature for Perlator (Beam reducer)
in reply to @gabi:
Tina Stürzinger thank you, I was not aware of these differences between aerators and perlators! I agree with you, a new feature for Perlator should be made. I will tackle this problem. ?
1 year ago


Marc Habets Hi Tina, we looked into it a little deeper. A new feature for perlator is not needed, since this is defined by the values for the feature tap nozzle, see screenshot below. 

Also, we renamed EC003244 to "Tap jet regulator" to avoid confusion with an aerator. Hope it is less confusing now.

1 year ago


Tina Stürzinger Perfect, thank you! I think from now on, it should be clear!

1 year ago


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Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Screenshot was not loaded in reply to your previous comment, so another try ...
Christer Nordemo 1 year ago created
I think we all now all agree on what is what. What needs to be done, so that misunderstandings do not arise further, is to clarify the translations for ETIM English as the same word "areator" is used professionally for completely different functions.

In Swedish, we distinguish between these functions by calling "perlator" a "stream collector" (directly translated). Perlator is a registered trademark of Neoperl, so we should probably not use that term. So my suggestion is "stream collector" or "stream nozzle".

The "areator" that lets in air, to empty the tap of water or ensure that it does not flow back to the water network (as Marc writes) is by definition a vacuum valve. My suggestion is that it should be called what it is - a "Vacuum valve".
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