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Ronald Muller 5 years ago created

Reference: "Guideline for suppliers to provide product data according to BMEcat Version 2005", version 3.1 (2015-11-13).

On page 51 two media types (aka mime types) are mentioned which are wrong in my opinion:

+ image/tif, which should be image/tiff (two "f"-s), see

+ application/ldt, which is not an existing type, see for all registered media types

Marc Habets 5 years ago created

Hi Ronald, we are preparing a draft version 4.0 to be released before the end of this year and will evaluate your comments in our TC meeting end of October. My first impression:  - TIF: As far as I can see both TIF and TIFF are allowed, where TIF was born because some older file systems did not support 4 character extensions. See for example - LDT: See, is a file format for photometric data. I don't think the TC will agree to delete this. We are not limited by what IANA considers a registered media type. I will put it on the agenda and will get back to this after the TC meeting on the 25th/26th of October. @karlpappas​ please remark this in the draft.

Ronald Muller 5 years ago created

Hi Mark,

Your link refers to the difference between file *extensions*, not media types. The media type `image/tif` really does not exits, see the link i have supplied. Also see the wikipedia entry on this topic,

About LDT, the meaning is clear for me. Again i am solely talking about the media type, it just does not exists. Sorry :) The BMECat spec clearly states that MIME_SOURCE has to be a media type (with the exception of "url"). Adding "pseudo" media types does not seems a good idea for a *standard*. But that are just my 2 cents:)

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