NO expert group for flooring products

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Marc Habets 5 years ago created
ETIM Norway building (Norsk Byggtjeneste AS) will start a working group on flooring products in december 2017. This involves products as:

- Parquet
- Laminate flooring
- Flooring (linoleum or vinyl)
- Carpet

If these products are relevant to you and you want to contribute or be informed in an early stage, please contact Anders Tomter, 
Bjørn Lindebrekke 3 years ago created

These new classes are now created and are awaiting initial control
- EC004040 - Parquet floor board
- EC004041 - Laminate floor board
- EC004085 - Solid wood floor board

The follwoing are under preparation. 
- Flooring (linoleum or vinyl)
- Carpet
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