Optional features in product - how should we treat them in ETIM

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Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created

I am wondering how to treat optional features in products in ETIM, especially regarding logical features. 

Here is an example: I have a UPS (EC000382) that is ready for SNMP, however the SNMP card is not included with the product. In EC000832, there is a logical feature EF005284 ("SNMP"). Even though the SNMP is not included with the product, I am inclined to put the feature as "true" because the product is SNMP ready. Because labeling "SNMP" as "false" would get the product filtered out when someone is looking for a UPS with SNMP, when it actually is prepared for SNMP.

Another example is EF007223 ("Galvanic separation between input and output") in EC002045 ("Voltage stabilizers"). This is optional in this product, but the fact that it's possible to include, should be transmitted in some way, by marking this feature as "true", right? If not the potential buyer could interpret that it's not available when in reality it is available but optional.

Thanks very much,

Marc Habets 5 years ago created
Hi, the situation you refer to usually requires two features: 1. "Suitable for SNMP" and 2. "SNMP card integrated" or "With SNMP card". Another slightly different solution that is in use is the combination of or optional and integrated, like EF007386: Motor drive optional combined with EF006697: Motor drive integrated. 

Normally I would advice you to be careful to put SNMP as 'true' yet, since you might create the wrong expectations with customers. But a quick look at other manufacturers learns me that they also set the feature to 'true' in case of a slot for an optional SNMP card. Here I am not a product expert again, maybe the SNMP means that is always just a slot for an optional SNMP and the card itself is never included? 

In the second example I would be even more careful, that could even have more severe safety consequences then just a disappointed customer? There is no doubt this means it is included. So there should be a new feature for optional first. 
Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created
Hello Marc,

Thanks very much for your answer. In the case of EF007223 ("Galvanic separation between input and output"), another option would be to leave the feature blank, to create no expectation at all in either sense. Would this be a possibility, or is leaving the feature blank always the worst option?


Marc Habets 5 years ago created
That is always an option. Better no information then the wrong information. Correct would be FALSE, but I understand that the manufacturer is not happy with that. If ETIM BMEcat is used as exchange format, you can use the field FVALUE_DETAILS to specify why the information is missing. Code MV – Missing value (an alphanumeric feature is relevant, but no correct value exists in this ETIM version), this is not usually meant for logical features, but could help anyway. (See page 48 of ETIM BMEcat 4.0 guidelines). 

But don't forget that they should ask to have the class changed, so it will be fixed for the future.
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