Profile luminaires - EC002892 (Ceiling-/wall luminaire) vs. EC000282 (Tubelight system)

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created
Hello again,

Does a tubelight system only accept lamps that are shaped as a tube? Because I have a product that looks like a tubelight system, but the lamps inside are not tubes, but a kind of led panel. If a tubelight system is exclusively for tubes, than this would be a EC002892 (Ceiling-/wall luminaire), right?

Thanks a lot,

Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Hi Roberto, the tube in Tube light system does not refer to the lamp shape.  Even the exterior shape does not need to be round, see feature Shape in the class. The name tubelight system I think originates from long time ago, where this type of lighting was quite common for office spaces. Unfortunately I am old enough to remember ?. But I can't seem to find any clear examples of this anymore. So it is a system of inter-connectable tubes/luminaires that form a continuous system. So you only need an electrical connection at the beginning and empty (close) elements are used to 'cross' areas where no lighting is needed. That's why the first features mentions 'empty tubes' as well. Connections like bends etc. should be classified to EC002557 - Mechanical accessories for luminaires. I hope my explanation makes sense to you.

Your example does NOT look like part of a 'connectable' system and so for me is not EC000282, nor EC002892, but a typical EC001743 - Pendant luminaire. Clearly EC002892 also says EF001265: Suitable for suspended mounting, but that should normally be for luminaires that are normally fixed to the ceiling, but with accessories can also be suspended from the ceiling.
Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created
Hello Marc,

Thanks very much for the clear explanation!

The fact that the following features existed inside EC002892:

EF006644 - Suitable for wall mounting
EF001265 - Suitable for suspended mounting
EF021180 - Suitable for ceiling mounting
EF006760 - Suitable for built-in mounting
EF007793 - Suitable for surface mounting
EF004274 - Suitable for light line configuration

Made me think that also suspended luminaires in general entered this class, but I hadn't found EC001743 - Pendant luminaire.

So this means that EC002892 is for luminaires that are normally either wall mounted, ceiling mounted or built-in right? By the way, what would be the difference between ceiling/wall mounting (EF021180/EF006644) and surface mounting (EF007793)?

Thanks very much,

Marc Habets 4 years ago created
I understand your confusion, which illustrates that this categorization of luminaires is difficult and perhaps still not 100% unambiguous. Yes, EC002892 is for luminaires that are wall or ceiling mounted, or suitable for both, can be built-up, built-in or again suitable for both. 

Regarding your questions on the features: ceiling or wall mounting indicates where it is mounted (horizontal or vertical) but can be built-up on as well as built in the surface. Surface mounting is synonym for built-up mounting, does not say where or in what direction.
Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

Thanks for the clarification regarding the features. Just one more question - what would a "light line configuration" in "EF004274 - Suitable for light line configuration"? Is this similar to a tubelight system?


Marc Habets 4 years ago created
A tube light system and light-lines are similar, as they both provide a continuous light-line. Light-lines usually consist of a support profile (with continuous wiring) on which you can add base units (luminaires) (EC000293 - Support profile light-line system and EC000986 - Electrical unit for light-line system). Usually used in halls or other spaces with high ceilings, normally in straight lines. See example below. A tube light system is also kind of a light-line but then used for office spaces, where the luminaires are integrated in the tube profile, and more flexible with accessories like bends etc to follow placement of furniture, more aesthetic, you can often add spotlights in addition to the general lighting etc.
Marc Habets 4 years ago created
With the number of luminaires in the light line you can adapt to the desired lux
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