Redundant features for "Visible diagonal screen size"

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Nicolas Batas-Bjelic 5 years ago created
We have two very similar features in class EC001630: in Visible diagonal screen size EF000738 and Visible diagonal screen size (inch) EF011634, you can enter the diagonal screen size in inches. Do we need EF011634?

If both features are needed, then we would require "Screen diagonal" in Inches, in addition to "EF002032".

What do you think?
Marc Habets 5 years ago created
Hi Nicolas, I know this looks a bit weird, but was a conscious choice. Has to do with EU regulation. Most people are used to tv sizes like 32", but EU regulation demands a primary specification in centimeter. So we need the centimeters and don't want to loose the inch. With the imperial units of course now EF000738 also can give the size in inch, but normally European countries will not use the imperial version, but they still need the inch sizes here. Due to this EU regulation you can see funny things, see the German (and also Swiss) translation for EF003555 "482,6 mm (19 Zoll)-Montage". Most people know 19", but I don't think many will know it is 482,6 mm! In NL this does not seem to be an issue, so we just stick to the inch indication in the translation. Why there is no extra inch variant for EF002032 I don't know, but for sure, I guess this is not a size that has meaning to consumers, maybe @karlpappas​ has an answer to that, he has been more involved in some of these expert meetings. I hope my answer makes any sense...
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