Some newbie questions about classifying two product types

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Mikael Engström 2 years ago created

I'm fairly new and in the learning curve on how to find what I need in ETIM and how to classify it. This as we plan to use it more extensively and although I don't need to be an expert, it will help with both internal and external communication if I at least have a little bit of a hunch of what can be found and what values are available.
Two for me fairly clear challenges has been to find, which for me have been common products, are hot water radiators and chilled beams.

I find a lot of parts related to radiators and also the category electrical radiator (EC000593), but not hot water radiators.
The same goes for chilled beams. Fan coil units did I find, which are in the right direction but not exactly what I was curious about.

If someone can point a bit in the right direction, in case I'm just blind or use the wrong search words, or clarify to me if I grasp some concept wrongly and I have to do a broader search, then it would probably help lowering my learning curve a bit. :)
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
Synonyms (search words) are crucial to find the right class. Depending on what language version you are looking at, the number of synonyms might not be optimal yet. Assuming you are Swedish, you should be able to find the right classes.

Hot water radiators are split up in several classes on type:
EC011022 - Panel radiator
EC003539 - Column radiator
EC010152 - Convector radiator
EC011023 - Tube radiator
EC011742 - Radiation panel indirectly heated

Regarding the chilled beams, I assume you mean EC011198 - Ceiling induction unit? I added the synonym 'chilled beam' there, so if you try again you will find it (in English), demonstrating the importance of synonyms.
Mikael Engström 2 years ago created
Hi Marc,
Thanks! That was precisely what I was looking for. I'll try to use this example as a baseline to learn how to find what I need.
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