Technical background of the feature EF025783 'Multi-part'

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Tina Stürzinger 1 year ago created
Hello everyone,  I would like to have more information about the multi-part feature EF025783 in the class of fittings with 4 connections.   Does this feature refer to the manufacturing method (i.e. whether it is cast as a whole or welded together from several parts) or to the packaging and delivery method (whether the customer still has to assemble it)? Thank you for further information on this Feature Greetings from Rapperswil.  Tina 
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Hi Tina, Multi-part means that the fitting consists of several separate parts. Easiest example is as attached a 3- part coupling to make it clear. For a fitting with 4 connections this will be less common, but for example the attached fitting would be multi-part I assume.  
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