Unreleased classes in version 9?

Last comment 22/06/2023 13:34 by Marc
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Emma T 3 months ago created
Hi, I downloaded "ETIM-9.0-ALL-SECTORS-CSV-METRIC-EI-2022-12-05" but it seems like there are un-released classes in these files? How can I filter out only the released classes? For example, class EC001959 is in ETIMARTCLASS.csv, but when I look at CMT it says that this class is under construction. 
Marc Habets 3 months ago created
Dear Emma, There is a difference between a class version and a release version. Class version 9 of EC001959 was released with ETIM 9. After that, new change requests have been proposed for this class. That is for a new class version 10, that is now under construction. See screenshot attached, if you click on class version 9, you will see the class as it was released with ETIM version 9.0. The version that is now under construction will be released again with ETIM 10.0 end of next year. Hope this makes it clear for you, if not let me know. 
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