Value "New" in field "ChangeCode" (ETIM 7.0 XML)

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Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created

Hello, I was comparing how many new classes had been added to "ALL SECTORS" and "ELECTRIC", and I was surprised to see that while in "ALL SECTORS" I had 533 new classes, in "ELECTRIC" I had 566 new classes. Has this happened because some existing classes have included in "ELECTRIC", and while they are be "Changed" or "Unchanged" in "ALL SECTORS", they appear as "NEW" in "ELECTRIC"?

In the "ALL SECTORS" XML, the classes, features and values that ONLY have the "New" ChangeCode associated are the ones that are 100% new to ETIM 7.0, and did not exist before correct?

Thanks a lot!

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Marc Habets 5 years ago created

10 points for you again Roberto ?! That is correct. In the past ETIM was only used for electrical products in most countries except the Netherlands. Now the other sectors, especially the HVAC and sanitary sector, are also being implemented in several member countries. We introduced a new (boolean) field in our database, so a class can be assigned to multiple sectors, for example a screwdriver would be used in all sectors. Then we asked all countries to check which classes they would want to have assigned to which sectors. And indeed that explains why many existing classes appear as new in the electrical sector. Even the number of new classes in the 'all sectors' file is somewhat misleading, which is a bit difficult to explain briefly. It had to do with classes in the electrical sector that had overlap with the heating sector, these were excluded again from the release in countries where ETIM 6.0 was in use for both sectors, like in the Netherlands. For example EC000813, which is indicated as 'new' in the IXF file, but already existed in those countries that only used the electrical sector. Confusing, but luckily with ETIM 7.0 we solved all this, so in the future we can have a clear comparison between versions. I hope my explanation makes sense to you, if not please let me know.

Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created

Hello Marc!

Thanks for your detailed answer. Regarding the last part of it, I have a question - so EC000813 did not exist in the Netherlands before? Was this due to the fact that another class overlapped with EC000813, and you were using this other class in the Netherlands before?

Are there many cases like EC000813 (which seem new but are not) in the "all sectors" document, or are they a minority?



Marc Habets 5 years ago created

Hi Roberto,

It was a complete group of some 150 classes that were not released in the Netherlands, because of possible overlap. For ETIM 7.0 we reviewed all of these classes,  in case there were double, we deleted one of the two. If they were not double, the class was added also for the HVAC sector, so now appears as new in 'all sectors'  (that basically compares to ETIM 6.0 NL, that was all classes except these 150). There was no selection ETIM 6.0 all sectors in our database, so I can't make that comparison now. EC000813 was not part of ETIM 6.0 NL but appeared to be not double with existing HVAC classes, so was not deleted.

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