What markup is possible in the BMEcat?

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Bart van Hest 4 years ago created
We would like to add more content to our marketing text in the DESCRIPTION_LONG. The BMEcat guideline (v3.1) states that "Only the “Long description” may contain additional
structures (e.g. bullets) but not HTML tags. HTML tags will be permitted if they are escaped."

If w don't want to use html, what "additional structures (e.g. bullets)" are possible?
Can someone provide a few examples?

Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Dear Bart, first please realize that the guidelines you refer to are NOT general ETIM BMEcat guidelines but additional country specific restrictions for Germany and Austria! You are expected to follow these guideline when delivering product data to German or Austrian data receivers (mostly wholesalers). But these extra country guidelines do not apply in general. So in general the field DESCRIPTION_LONG is a multilingual string with max. 64000 characters. A string field is defined as a "Character string according to the encoding standard." Starting from guideline version 4.0:  "Recommended is now the use of the UTF-8 character set". 
Bart van Hest 4 years ago created
hi Mark,

thanks for your response. If i understand it correctly, markup is only possible for Germany and Austria, not for the other countries.
So if we would like to present a bullet-list, its only possible for those two countries. Still I am curious what "additional structures (e.g. bullets)" are possible?

Second, is it possible to use newline-characters and minus-characters to mimic a bullet list?
Marc Habets 4 years ago created
No, what I meant was the opposite, that the restrictions to the markup for the field DESCRIPTION_LONG as mentioned in your topic ONLY apply to Germany and Austria. For the other countries all markup is allowed, as far as allowed by the string type field and the used character set. For the rest I am no expert in this, maybe others can add to this topic.
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