Which class suits Socket outlet MultiAdaptor the best

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Ivanka Dimitrova 3 years ago created

Am trying to clasify a socket with multi adapter for 3-phase track.
Noone of the many classes for Socket  looks appropriate.
Any advice? I am attching a picture.

Thank you!
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Roberto Ortega 3 years ago created
Hello Ivanka,

An option I have found is to classify this product as EC002556 - Electrical accessories for luminaires, and in feature EF000215 - Type of accessory/spare part, choosing EV006874 - Socket outlet element. 

This is how manufacturer SLV classifies the following product, which seems to be similar to yours: https://www.slv.cloud/nl_nl/stopcontact-145701-1438

Even though the main name of class EC002556 "Electrical accessories for luminaires", one of the synonyms is "Electrical accessories for light-track", and your product enters this category.

Hope this helps!

Ivanka Dimitrova 3 years ago created
Hello Roberto,

Thank you very much! Very helpful reply, appreciate it!

Have a good week ahead,

Karl Pappas 3 years ago created
I've just added the SLV product as a reference in EC002556:
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