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Nico Schmid 2 years ago created
Myself and a Dutch colleague who is very experienced with ETIM were discussing the meaning of 'With gaskets'.

Does ETIM further specify what sort of gaskets are meant?
Amongst others, I am referring to fittings with 2 connections (EC003024).
Is the value supposed to be 'true' for flat gaskets only, or also for O-rings etc.

Sorry if this question seems silly. It probably is. Still would like to be 100% sure. Thanks!!
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Marc Habets 2 years ago created
That is a question for the product experts. As far as would see it, a gasket here relates to a sealing ring as specified in EC001181 - Sealing ring, so could be flat or o-ring. I would also expect it to be related to the feature EF022606: Material sealing, if so it is strange that they are not sorted together. Maybe the reason to have a separate feature With gaskets is that it means that these are removable/exchangeable, opposed to a sealing that is integrated and not replaceable? Hoping for some more input from product experts.
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